Fyerstown Antique Affair 2015

Hi Guys
I hope everybody had a fantastic long weekend and enjoyed the great weather. 

I managed to sell 30 hard copies of Breaking the Chains over the weekend in Fryerstown.

Why Fyerstown? For those who don’t know I grew up in Fryerstown. And last weekend was the annual Fryerstown Antique Affair and I managed to get a prime position thanks to the lovely lady Pat Cubeta.

I hadn’t seen Pat Cubeta in over 15 years and all it took was one phone call and she was glad to help out a Fryerstown youngster. At 87, Pat Cubeta even remembered the time I was caught walking down the main street of Fryerstown when I was seven with a loaded gun by myself!!! 

I met around 100 new people, handed out plenty of business cards, got a few ebook sales and even worked on my tan. 

It was great to return to the town where I grew up and be supported by such great people.

The Fyerstown Antique Affair 2015 was a great success and I was glad I attended to showcase Breaking the Chains.

Thanks again Fryerstown,

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