Love of Books – Julie Mcgregor – $10,488.60 Court Order

Despite Breaking The Chains continuous momentum and success, many of our fans would not know the pain we endured before becoming published authors.

A large portion of this pain came from a publishing company called Love of Books. We engaged Love of Books in January 2013 and after an Authors’ worst nightmare for 21 months we finally won our legal battle in September 2014 against Love of Books and the Director Julie McGregor.

The experience wasn’t great. However, this story will make a great chapter in our next book!

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Celebrate each and every achievement

A celebration is a form of positive closure, a triump. Celebrating is not only fun; it showcases your accomplishments and is an excellent way to show others that you truly appreciate their input and support.

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With success comes challenges

With success comes challenges and with that comes change. Welcome challenges and embrace change, they will strengthen you and bestow a confidence that entices you to set bigger and better goals. Challenging yourself can yield rich rewards. When being challenged try to: determine the flow, keep up the pace, enlist the right services, network effectively and remember timing is everything. Independently wealthy people work interdependently trying to decipher the next big thing.

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Help people to help you become successful

No man is an island and this is especially true in the financial world. Treating people with respect is vital if you want them to understand and support your vision. Be trustworthy: mean what you say and say what you mean; it’s appreciated.

Ensure you get the who, what, when, where, why and how sorted. Give credit where it’s due and try to be reasonable, fair and forgiving. Goodwill builds bridges. Successful people know that success is a process; they are committed to developing strong working relationships and they are well aware of the benefits of building a broad professional network.

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