Buyers Advocate Dean Munro’s Property Journey

Dean’s personal real estate journey started at a very young age while he was a university student. Having realised that home ownership was cheaper than renting, in 2006 he purchased his first home, cementing his position on the property ladder and paved the way for what was to become an upward trajectory. This brave move paid dividends for Dean and was the catalyst for him having amassed an impressive multi-million dollar property portfolio to date.

Since graduating in 2011 with honours in construction management, Dean became a fully accredited quantity surveyor and tax agent which consisted of him successfully advising large corporations, property developers, financiers and builders on how to create profitability for their projects.

With a wealth of knowledge, experience and a intrinsic passion for property, Dean naturally transitioned into the Melbourne real estate industry as a buyers advocate and vendor advisor. He now dedicates his time to empower his clients to source their own dream homes and create wealth by making shrewd investment decisions. Excellent communication is an essential part of his service, as he prides himself on his persistence, hard work and dedication.

Outside of work, Dean loves to play basketball, spend time with his family and friends, explore everything Melbourne has to offer and planning his next overseas adventure. Before he turned 30, Dean published the number one bestselling work ‘Breaking The Chains’ detailing his methods of success and his blueprint for attaining wealth by dealing in property.

Dean offers the following professional property services:

– Buyer Advocacy

– Vendor Advisory

– Property Appraisal

– Auction Bidding

– Property Tax Depreciation

– Rental Management

– Bank Introducer

– Quantity Surveying

Feel free to email dean at to plan your next property step with confidence.




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