This story is about the life of Preston Jay King bookcover1and the book has been written from his perspective of the events that occurred in his life.

We have taken an oath to Preston that his identity will remain anonymous. The names of people and places have also been changed to protect their identities and privacy throughout the entire book. We have rearranged and compressed events to help with the narrative. Although based on a true story, some events, conversations and dialogues have been fictionalised to help with the flow and narrative of the book.

This book is intended to show the extremes of thought between different people. In some instances, the ways of thought have been exaggerated to give full effect to the reader. This book is in no way intended to offend, undermine or damage the reputation of those people or places mentioned. The authors understand that the views and actions of some people mentioned may not have been intended the way that has been expressed, but it’s the way it has been interpreted. The authors and publisher specifically disclaim any liability that is incurred from the use or application of the contents of this book.

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