Authors – Dean Munro & Christopher Hadj


Dean Munro and Christopher Hadj crossed paths during their early university years. Upon noticing a poor financial mindset and the lack of future financial planning amongst most students, Dean and Christopher became published authors with a vision to help students succeed young.


Failure doesn’t exist in my life.

I turn every failure into a learning experience for the next attempt.





Dean Munro – Best Selling Author

Motivational Youth Speaker

Accredited Quantity Surveyor

Property Guru

B App Sci (Construction Mgt) – Honours

Breaking The Chains


Luck rarely just happens. You do have the ability to create your own luck. I define luck as: ‘a result of a number of good daily habits, which over time, grows exponentially into successful or desired outcomes.’chrissignature3



Christopher Hadj – Best Selling Author

Project Manager

Precious Metals Expert


B App Sci (Construction Mgt) – Honours

Breaking The Chains