Hell of a surprise at work today!

I got one hell of a surprise at work today!

I had my head down at my desk and felt a sudden tap on my shoulder.

When I looked up Jolanta Debek and four of her Architect colleagues were standing there smiling behind me.

Jolanta was so impressed after finishing reading Breaking The Chains she convinced her team to all buy copies.

Thank you Howard Taylor, Emmanuel Torres, Kokul Kokuleraj and Santiago Quinon for all purchasing copies of Breaking The Chains. And thanks so much Jolanta for recommending my book to your colleagues.

Dean Munro


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Thanks Bridget Hartland & Gert Els

Thank you to Bridget Hartland & Gert Els for purchasing three books on Thursday.

I have signed them with a nice message, put them in the post yesterday and they should arrive on Tuesday next week.

Thanks again,





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Read The Book, Would like to Write us a Review?


Hi Everyone, if you have read the book we would love to hear your feedback, we have a Review Form set up ready to go to make it easy for you to write your review, you can even add as many Stars as you feel the book is worth!  Click the below link to write us a review on Breaking The Chains Book.  Thanks Everyone, have a great night.


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Havent Read the Book Yet? Need some cheat tips for the Breaking the Chains Competition Read On!


Q1. How did Preston King finance his 1st property before finishing high school?

A. Loan shark   – Very Hot

B. Bank    – Cold

C. Long lost inheritance  – Hotter

Q2.  Did Preston King’s Stepfather pull off Australia’s biggest robbery?

True – Red Hot

False – Cold

Q3. What was Preston King’s main source/s of income at university?

A. Scholarships – Hot

B. Clinical Trials – Hotter

C. Multinational Corporation – Even Hotter

D. All the above – Red Hot

Here’s the link for the competition again:  https://apps.facebook.com/my-contests/hxyftz

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