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banner2By Authors Dean Munro and Christopher Hadj

Breaking The Chains Book is a hilarious true story about the wacky adventures of a
university student and how he struggled to reach the top.



Deemed the funniest Australian success story yet!

“Uni Student Preston King started off with little chance in his favour. With only five hundred dollars in his back pocket and the odds heavily stacked against him, he worked like a slave-rat during his university life. By the time he graduated, he had seven scholarships to his name, a top graduate salary at a multinational corporation, a property portfolio with a combined worth of seven figures and memories to last a lifetime. Never underestimate the potential of a student with a burning desire to get rich.”


A must read for anyone with a sense of humour!


5 5 1
I urge you all to read this refreshing and inspirational book. Such determination it takes to go for your dreams and it goes to show that if you are 'hungry enough' and want your dream 'bad enough' you will continue to work away, strive and become smarter as a result. This book is a wonderful demonstration of passion and purpose being 'put' to life - to a life that everyone should try to emulate in some way.

Great Book, easy to read with a good message

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Throughout this book I found myself eagerly looking forward to Preston's next achievement. It was obvious he was a talented student with a single minded determination to succeed in creating his perfect future. I'm inspired, envious, even a little jealous of his ability to turn every situation to his advantage, and to make it look so easy. Filled with humour, a little irreverence and a few nuggets of simple genius this is a must read, especially for anyone currently or intending to attend Uni.

Funny, insightful & well written

5 5 1
Breaking the Chains is an intriguing and humorous story that shows the challenges most of us face when it comes to creating a better life. The principles outlined in the book, while targeted at uni students, do apply to people of any age so grab a copy, get reading and start implementing if you want to change your life. You'll love every second of this great read!

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